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New resident’s child introduced Taiwan to people in mother hometown

This year during summer, Li Kai-li the student who is studying in junior high school at Nantou Xuguang High School, she got helped from teacher Hong Pei-wei to apply for “New resident’s children oversea empowerment project of National Immigration Agency”. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

Open Registration for Nanyang Street Visitation in Taipei

National Taiwan Museum’s (NTM) “Taste of Hometown: Southeast Asian Flavours” has been took new residents’, migrant workers’, and public’s hearts. Now, in order to enhance the exchange of the community and the new resident’s culture, NTM presented “Taste of Hometown: Southeast Asian Flavours” small trip by the new residents’ ambassador. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

'The Taste of Hometown: Southeast Asian Flavors'

The Taipei-based National Taiwan Museum will host a special exhibition on Southeast Asian food culture from July 22 through Oct. 22. The exhibition will connect new immigrants from Southeast Asia with their hometowns through food, and help Taiwanese audiences learn about foreign lands. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

'Writing Across Borders: Taiwan-Southeast Asia Literary Exhibition'

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature will share its collection of Taiwan-Southeast Asia literature in a special exhibition running in Tainan City from June 15 through Oct. 8. (Read More)

Shan Ban Ciao Leisure Farm Family Fun for New Immigrants

Miaoli County Miaonan New Immigration Family Service Center will be holding the "Family Leisure and Parent-child Exchange Activities - Shan Ban Ciao Leisure Farm Family Fun" on July 29th at the Facial Mask Cultural Center of Sanyi Shan Ban Ciao Leisure Farm. Through such event, they hoped to provide new immigrant families with more opportunities for leisure communication and better understandings of local culture. With diverse cultures, they can expand their horizons and learn to accept and resp (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

Songshan District Office Hold Indonesian Language Class for Free

Starting on July 15 (Saturday) Taipei Songshan District Office will held a new immigrant language and cultural workshops in Nankang New Immigrant Hall. This time Indonesian language class will be started to open and will be taught by Hong Rongxi (洪榮細). If there are Indonesian family members at home, you will get a privilege and the course is free tuition fees. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

Kinmen County will open “2017 New Resident Life Adaptation Guidance Class”, helping new resident to adapt to the life in Taiwan

In order to assist new residents to adapt to the life in Taiwan, Kinmen County Government entrusted Jinmen County Women’s Rights Promotion Association (金門縣婦女權益促進會) to hold “2017 New Resident Life Adaptation Guidance Class” which will start from June 5 to 29 and invite new residents who live in Kinmen County to participate this class. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

New Taipei Household Registration Office set up “Life Adaptation Guidance Class”, to help new resident get identity cards

In order to help new residents to adapt to life in Taiwan, Household Registration Service, New Taipei City Government set up “New Resident Life Adaptation Guidance Class” to help new residents to integrate into Taiwan as soon as possible and get identity cards. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

MOFA’s Mosaic Taiwan gets underway in Taipei

Mosaic Taiwan, an international youth leadership program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, kicked off May 31 in Taipei City, bringing together 29 young students and professionals from Canada and the U.S. to experience the country’s culture, economy, history and society. (Read More)

New Southbound Policy。

The New Southbound Policy Press Corps III attends a roundtable interview with President Tsai Ing-wen.

The New Southbound Policy Press Corps III, a group organized by the Department of International Information Services, MOFA, visited Taiwan from May 1 - 6, 2017. On May 5, the participating journalists attended a roundtable interview with President Tsai Ing-wen. There has been extensive international media coverage of the interview. (Read More)

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