Taiwan attends Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement meeting

Taiwan attended the recent Sixth Meeting of the Parties of the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement as a participating fisheries entity in Mauritius, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs July 9.
The engagement shows how Taiwan Can Help SIOFA realize U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 14 while protecting its interests and rights in the Indian Ocean, the MOFA said. It also demonstrates the country’s commitment to ensuring the long-term conservation and responsible use of fishery resources in the area, the ministry added.
Statistics produced by the Fisheries Agency under the Council of Agriculture reveal that more than 100 Taiwan-flagged fishing vessels ply the waters of the Indian Ocean. The combined catch for 2018 was 17,000 tons, making the country a major player in the region.
The positive development also signifies international recognition of Taiwan’s status as a responsible stakeholder in the global fisheries industry, the MOFA said, adding that the country is committed to working with all SIOFA parties on related matters going forward.
According to the agency, Taiwan participates in four other global fishing regulatory bodies: Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, North Pacific Fisheries Commission, South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization and Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.
SIOFA, concluded in July 2006 and taking force six years later, comprises parties Australia; the Cook Islands; the EU; France, on behalf of its Indian Ocean Territories; Japan; Mauritius; the Seychelles; South Korea; and Thailand. (SFC-E)
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