Tsai condemns Solomon Islands’ decision to establish ties with China

President Tsai Ing-wen said Sept. 16 that the government sincerely regrets and strongly condemns the Solomon Islands’ decision to establish diplomatic relations with China.
China is using financial and political pressure to suppress Taiwan’s space, Tsai said. This poses a threat to the country and represents a brazen challenge to international order, she added.
Taiwan declines to engage in dollar diplomacy to satisfy unreasonable demands, Tsai said, adding that it will never bow to China’s bullying and interference.
Tsai made the remarks during a special news conference Sept. 16 at the Presidential Office in Taipei City following the announcement earlier by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan’s termination of diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands.
According to Tsai, the relentless campaign of coercion against Taiwan by China seeks to undermine the morale of the people of Taiwan and force them to accept its “one country, two systems” model.
While China may be able to temporarily stir up opinions by poaching Taiwan’s allies, Tsai said, this only bodes ill for the development of cross-strait relations and will not impact the people’s convictions or solidarity.

Tsai also took the opportunity to thank the people of the Solomon Islands and Taiwan’s partners for attempting to mediate this issue. Changes in the diplomatic arena are challenging, but Taiwan has many friends willing to stand by its side, she said.
Taiwan remains committed to engaging with the international community and making friends around the globe, Tsai said. The country will neither shrink nor compromise, but face the world in unity and walk its own path, she added. (SFC-E)
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