President Tsai vows to boost Taiwan’s contribution to global health care

President Tsai Ing-wen said Nov. 8 that Taiwan will boost contributions to global health care via expanded cooperation and exchanges with world-class organizations such as American Medical Association.
Epidemic prevention, medical care and public health transcend national boundaries, as health is a basic human right and universal value, Tsai said. Taiwan and its physicians have earned global recognition in this regard when dealing with major events like severe acute respiratory syndrome, H1N1 virus outbreaks and dengue fever, as well as running volunteer clinics in many countries, she added.
Tsai made the remarks while receiving AMA President Dr. Patrice Harris at the Presidential Office in Taipei City.
According to Tsai, Chicago-headquartered AMA is one of the most important and influential international professional associations for physicians. At the same time, it plays a pivotal role in promoting cooperation between World Health Organization and the global health community, she said.
Taiwan has hosted many AMA delegations in the past, Tsai said, adding that the frequency of exchanges underscores the depth of friendship between the two sides and the value the association places on Taiwan.
Tsai also took the opportunity to thank AMA for its staunch support of Taiwan’s bid for WHO participation and inclusion in the International Health Regulations network.
Given Taiwan and AMA’s overlapping interests in bolstering medical education, ethics and public health, it is expected even greater joint progress can be made in realizing the WHO’s goal of health for all, Tsai said. (SFC-E)
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