MAC poll shows majority support government’s cross-strait policy

The overwhelming majority of people in Taiwan support the government’s cross-strait policy based on the pillars of defending democracy and national sovereignty, according to a poll released by the Cabinet-level Mainland Affairs Council March 26.
Over 86 percent of respondents stand by President Tsai Ing-wen’s policy of promoting cross-strait interactions according to the principles of democracy, dialogue, equality and peace. More than 84 percent approve of maintaining the cross-strait status quo, with 45 percent thinking that cross-strait interactions are proceeding at an adequate pace.
In addition, over 92 percent agree only Taiwan’s 23 million people have the right to determine the country’s future and the direction of the cross-strait relationship.
According to the MAC, the survey also shows a sizeable majority disapprove of China’s ongoing campaign of coercion. Around 90 percent of those surveyed rejected the “one country, two systems” approach for future relations, with 91 and 92 percent opposing military threats and attempts to suppress Taiwan’s international space, respectively.
These figures are backed by 77 percent and 62 percent who think the Chinese Communist Party is unfriendly to the government and people of Taiwan, respectively, the highest levels in 15 years, the MAC added.
Nearly 92 percent of respondents believe China is using the COVID-19 pandemic to block Taiwan’s World Health Organization bid, and more than 75 percent support the government’s call for Beijing to stop political manipulation so that both sides can engage in dialogue and cooperation.
Conducted March 19-23 by the Election Study Center of Taipei City-based National Chengchi University, the telephone survey involved 1,089 individuals aged over 20 nationwide. It has an error margin of 2.97 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent. (SFC-E)
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