》 Office Activities

Deputy Representative Michael S.Y.Yiin attends Food Exchange Activities

On Dec. 2nd , Dr. Chung-Yuang Jan, the Minister without Portfolio of the Examination Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Dr. Hong-Cheng Liu, the Chair of the Department of Public Policy and Management of I-Shou University Taiwan, have visited Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam and were received by Deputy Representative Ms. Jin-Ling Chen and Director of the Education Division Mr. Lee Ming

DG Lin attended Dr. Bruce Jacobs Memorial Service-Celebration of the Life Dec. 2nd

Prof. Chun-Pin Lin lead a delegation from Taiwan to attend the 4th Meeting of the IADR Asia Pacific Region 2019 and hosted a Taiwan Luncheon at Brisbane

Director General TETO Surabaya Benson Lin attended Taipei School Surabaya End Year Banquet

2019 Taiwan Fruits & Halal Food Festival was organized by the Taiwan Council of Agriculture in Kuala Lumpur to popularize the agriculture products of Taiwan

Taiwan Council of Agriculture promotes Taiwan agricultural machinery and materials in Malaysia to explore collaborative opportunities

Taiwan Film Festival — Four Moods

Director General Constance Wang attends the farewell dinner hosted by Sydney Taiwanese community

Director General Constance Wang attends Tzu Chi Year End Blessings

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