Authentic Taiwanese cuisine in Surabaya

Taiwan Cuisine Workshop Indonesia Tour 2018

"Taiwan Cuisine Workshop Indonesia Tour 2018" after holding this event in Jakarta, September 10, 2018, the next workshop was held in Surabaya on September 13 and 14, which was held by the "Taiwan Indonesia Alumni Association-JATIM" (ICATI JATIM), " Taiwan Business Club Surabaya "(TBCS) in collaboration with Ottimmo master of International Gourmet Academy, in a one and a half day workshop attended by Ottimo students and members of ICATI JATIM and TBCS, with a total of more than 100 participants. In this Workshop will be taught Taiwanese cuisine by renowned Chef from Taiwan, hoping that all participants who attend can cook and taste authentic Taiwanese cuisine.

Taiwan Cuisine Workshop Indonesia Tour 2018

Surabaya General Director Benson Lin said he was happy to enjoy "Taiwan Taro balls", "Shi Lin style braised squid," "Hakka Style stir fires pork" even though he had just arrived in Surabaya this week, he also thanked the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC ) who initiated this event by presenting 2 renowned Chefs from the Fullon hotel, Tsai Chang-Keng and Teng Cheng-Chung, with the hope that through this workshop, which uses Indonesian and Taiwanese ingredients, creates delicious cuisine and introduces taste-rich Taiwanese cuisine to the international community.

Group photo

Ottimo Surabaya also feels honored to be a partner in this workshop, and hopes that through today's cuisines it can make them get to know Taiwan more.

"Taiwan Cuisine Workshop Indonesia Tour 2018" will continue to Bali and Bandung introducing Taiwan cuisine.