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MAC urges HK government to revoke extradition bill

The government of Hong Kong must listen to the voice of the people and revoke its extradition bill, according to Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council June 16.
Allowing residents to be sent from Hong Kong to China infringes on the rights of the people in the special administrative region and Taiwan’s sovereignty, the MAC said.
The legislation is rejected by the people, ethnic Chinese the world over and the international community, the council said, adding that it also demonstrates the abject failure of Beijing’s “one country, two systems” model.
The MAC’s statement follows a series of large-scale protests against the bill in the former British colony involving more than a million residents.
According to the council, the legislation attempts to place Taiwan-Hong Kong crime-fighting under the auspices of the “one China policy.” The government and people of Taiwan absolutely oppose this political maneuvering under the guise of judicial assistance, the MAC said.
A stable and prosperous Hong Kong is the expectation of its residents and democracy-loving societies around the globe, the council said. The government and people of Taiwan stand shoulder to shoulder with those taking to the streets of Hong Kong in defense of freedom, human rights, free speech and rule of law, the MAC added. (SFC-E)

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