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President Tsai wins International Pioneer Award for Leadership

President Tsai Ing-wen is the winner of the International Pioneer Award for Leadership, presented by Virginia-based American Legislative Exchange Council in recognition of her extraordinary statesmanship and strong commitment to free markets, according to the Presidential Office Dec. 4.
The nonpartisan, voluntary grouping of U.S. state legislators praised Tsai for demonstrating steely resolve and standing for the causes of freedom and liberty not only in Taiwan but around the world.
In her acceptance speech aired during the virtual ALEC States and Nation Policy Summit, Tsai said receiving the award is a great honor. As president, it is her duty to safeguard Taiwan’s democratic way of life, she added.
According to Tsai, Taiwan has transformed itself from an authoritarian regime to one of the freest and most vibrant democracies in Asia through the courage and determination of its people.
Political changes have been backed by the country’s economic vitality, Tsai said, adding that thanks to farsighted government policymaking encouraging innovation, investment and market diversification, Taiwan is in its strongest economic position in decades.
In addition, Tsai said she looks forward to making progress on a bilateral trade agreement with the U.S., Taiwan’s second largest trading partner, to further enhance the already close economic ties between the two sides.
First presented to former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 2006, the International Pioneer Award for Leadership honors world leaders who have exhibited a steadfast dedication to serving the causes of freedom at home and abroad. (SFC-E)
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