Surabaya Celebrate 108th Anniversary of the Republic of China and New Year's Day Flag Raising Ceremony

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Taiwan Business Club Surabaya and Taipei School Surabaya held a "New Year's Day Flag Raising Ceremony in the 108th Anniversary of the Republic of China" on Taipei School Surabaya at January 1 , 9:00 am. Although it coincides with the New Year's Day holiday,  guests from overseas Chinese club community, Taipei School, ICATI, Taiwan Business Club and other representative  enthusiastically participated. The director General  Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Surabaya, Benson Lin, also led all the colleagues and relatives to attend, we sang the national anthem of the Republic of China and waved The National flag, the scene is solemn.

Director General Benson Lin first thanked the Taiwan Business Club Surabaya and Taipei School Surabaya for their hard work in organizing the New Year's Day flag-raising ceremony. They also thanked the overseas Chinese Communities for their participation in the ceremony and fully demonstrate the patriotism and support for the enthusiasm of the Republic of China.
Director General Benson Lin also said that in the past year, Taiwan has made many important achievements in social and economic aspects with the joint efforts of the government and the private sector. Last year, Taiwan’s economic growth rate reached 2.86%, and foreign exchange reserves reached $451.5 billion dollar, ranked 5th in the world; the new southbound policy has also achieved brilliant results. Since 2017, the bilateral trade volume has increased by 15.61%, and my investment in the New Southbound country has also increased by 54.51%; the democratic achievements of Taiwan society And the stability index is more visible to the world. Although there are still some areas in Taiwan that need improvement, I believe that under the hard work of everyone, Taiwan will only get better and better and become more internationally competitive.

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Huang Li-zhen, chairman of the Taiwan Business Club  Surabaya, and Lu Chuang-Hsiong, chairman of the Taipei School Surabaya, also said that when the rise of the national flag its a moved their heart, and said that they must attend the flag-raising ceremony every year on New Year's Day, singing the national anthem with everyone, using action. Support the Republic of China.

At the flag-raising ceremony, the Taiwan School of Surabaya was carefully arranged inside and outside the venue to hang the large and small national flags. The participants wore the "I Love TAIWAN" T-shirt from the Taiwan Business Club Bandung to sing the national anthem. After the event, everyone enjoyed the soy milk prepared by the Surabaya Business Club. Participants said that the flag-raising campaign rallies the hearts of overseas Chinese. The overseas Chinese are proud of their participation. In that delightful atmosphere, everyone wishes each other a happy New Year and bless the Republic of China.