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Taiwan, Philippines launch agricultural internship program

An agricultural internship program between Taiwan and the Philippines formally kicked off Thursday, with 50 Filipino farmers expected to be sent to Taiwan for one year after completing a basic Mandarin language course.

Ministry of Education Allows More Categories of Overseas Students to Apply to Enter the Republic of China (Taiwan) from April 1, 2021

Degree students have once again been allowed to enter the Republic of China (Taiwan) again since December 8, 2020. In accordance with directions from the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), the Ministry of Education has announced that students in an additional four categories are allowed to apply to enter from April 1, 2021.

Taiwan’s Filipino LGBTQ+ community sashays on stage in Taoyuan

Taiwan’s Filipino LGBTQ+ community took Taoyuan by storm on Sunday, voguing and sashaying in bold makeup and elaborate attire to fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Foreign offices, leaders send condolences after train crash Photos - New Southbound Policy

Foreign offices, leaders send condolences after train crash

Foreign governments and political leaders sent their condolences Friday after a train crash in eastern Taiwan earlier in the day left at least 50 people dead and scores injured.

Migrant workers now included in the MOL National Excellent Worker Award

In 2021, the Ministry of Labor has included migrant workers in the National Excellent Worker Award (全國模範勞工). And the award was presented on April 29, one day before International Labor Day.
MOL launched a National Model Workers Award to show appreciation for the worker’s hard work. MOL announces the National Excellent Workers every year before Labor Day (May 1).

CES2021 TTA VR Pavilion Benefits Startups Expanding Markets in Space Tech, Pandemic Tech, and Fabric Technology

TTA showcased 100 startups at TTA-VR Pavilion and successfully drew global attention during CES2021. TTA startups shined in prevention technology and seized space development opportunities as well as investment in space commercialization.

Online Ceremony Launches Malaysia 2021 Sin Chew Taiwan Scholarships to Support Study in Taiwan

Malaysia Sin Chew Daily, one of the main local media, and the Organization of Taiwan Education and Cultural, Malaysia have collaborated to establish the 2021 Sin Chew Taiwan Higher Education Scholarship program to encourage excellent Malaysian students to further study in Taiwan. Recipients of a Sin Chew Taiwan Scholarship will be able to study at participating universities without worrying about the financial burden.

International Exchange Activities for Children of New Immigrants: Enhancing Cross-Cultural Advantages Photos - New Southbound Policy

International Exchange Activities for Children of New Immigrants: Enhancing Cross-Cultural Advantages

The K-12 Education Administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) organized an activity called “International Exchange Activities for Children of New Immigrants”(新住民子女國際交流). The activity is held for students who are next-generation new immigrants, to encourage them to participate in international exchange activities. Through international cultural trips, the activity aims to help students develop their bilingual advantage.

Taiwan’s National Performing Arts Center links up with 3 other theaters in Asia

According to Taiwan News, the National Performing Arts Center in Taipei City has linked up with three other Asian theaters to design programs for the Asia-Pacific region under the title of “Asia Connection: Producers Camp,” reports said on March 25.

Taiwan, India unveil smart pandemic prevention system

Taiwan and India unveiled a jointly-developed smart pandemic prevention system March 24 via a videoconference, spotlighting the like-minded partners’ commitment to advancing disease-fighting technology.

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