President Tsai celebrates Central American Independence Day

President Tsai Ing-wen said Sept. 17 that the government is committed to enhancing public and private sector exchanges with Taiwan’s Central American allies Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Taiwan enjoys strong diplomatic ties with the three countries, Tsai said. The mutually beneficial and supportive relationship is achieving excellent outcomes in many joint endeavors, she added.
The president said the government and the people are sincerely grateful for the backing of the allies for Taiwan’s efforts to make a greater contribution to the global community through meaningful participation in international organizations.
Tsai made the remarks while delivering an address at Central American Independence Day celebrations in Taipei City.
According to the president, during her official visit to Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua in January 2017, she witnessed firsthand the results of successful bilateral cooperation.
One example is the increasing popularity in Taiwan of agricultural products from the region like beef, coffee, fruit and seafood, Tsai said. More quality products are expected to arrive in the country as it positions itself as a base for Central American exports in Asia, she added.
Tsai said in addition to economic and trade exchanges, an increasing number of Taiwan youths are traveling to Central America for tourism or Spanish language classes. These positive developments underscore the effectiveness of the government’s steadfast diplomacy, which focuses on long-term mutual assistance for mutual benefits, she added.
Regarding Taiwan’s termination of diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands following the latter’s decision to establish official ties with China, Tsai said the country will never bow to Beijing nor accept its “one country, two systems” model.
Despite the relentless campaign of coercion against Taiwan by China, the country’s sincerity toward its allies, key partners and friends remains unchanged, the president said. This also applies to its stance on promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific while seeking to give the people a bigger voice in the international family of nations, she added.
Tsai said this aspiration is conveyed in a short film released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs earlier this month. “A True Friend” documents how the government and the people are working to enhance agricultural development, health care and vocational training in countries around the globe.
Taiwan Can Help build a better world, and will continue working to realize the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, Tsai said, adding that support from its allies empowers the country to fulfill this mission. (SFC-E)

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