MAC protests China’s attempts to destabilize cross-strait status quo

The Mainland Affairs Council May 29 strongly protested China’s continued promotion of antidemocratic and nonpeaceful policies designed to destabilize the cross-strait status quo.
According to the MAC, the Anti-Secession Law promulgated by China in 2005 is a unilateral attempt to decide the future of cross-strait relations and an extremely unwise measure that the people of Taiwan have never accepted.
At a recent event organized by Beijing marking the 15th anniversary of the law’s promulgation, Chinese officials involved in foreign, military and Taiwan affairs reiterated their commitment to legal and military actions against Taiwan, the MAC said.
These remarks reflect the authoritarian mindset of China’s government, which poses an increasing threat to cross-strait peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region, the council added.
The MAC urged Beijing not to misjudge the situation. Any legislation or attempts that run counter to democracy and respect for human rights while resorting to the use of force will backfire as they are in violation of the principles of international law.
The ROC (Taiwan) is a sovereign country that has never been part of the People’s Republic of China, the MAC said, adding that Taiwan’s people will never choose dictatorship over democracy or surrender to violence.
Military measures or unilateral decisions cannot solve cross-strait issues, the MAC said, citing President Tsai Ing-wen’s remarks in her inauguration speech that peace, parity, democracy and dialogue are the keys to positive cross-strait interactions. (SFC-E)

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