Former VP Chen discusses Taiwan Model in UK Parliament meeting

Former Vice President Chen Chien-jen took part in a U.K. Parliament committee meeting via videoconferencing June 3 to share the success of the Taiwan Model for combating coronavirus, spotlighting global recognition for the country’s successful epidemic response measures.
Chaired by Jeremy Hunt MP, head of the Health and Social Care Committee, the cross-party event was attended by parliamentarians, public health experts and officials to discuss outbreak management, with a focus on contact tracing systems and provision of personal protective equipment.
According to Chen, an epidemiologist trained at U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University, three principles underpin the Taiwan Model: prudent action, rapid response and early deployment, backed by a very high level of public trust in government.
Attending as an expert witness, Chen took questions from participating MPs and gave detailed answers on Taiwan’s disease-prevention measures, including the experiences and lessons learned from the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak.
These include establishing effective testing, contact tracing and quarantine protocols, as well as providing timely support to affected individuals alongside enhanced education on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and public health.
No country can contain coronavirus alone, Chen said, adding international cooperation in sharing data and experiences is crucial to managing the pandemic. (SFC-E)

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