EU resolutions backing Taiwan welcomed by MOFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jan. 21 welcomed three resolutions passed by the EP the same and previous days calling for expanded partnership with Taiwan and support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.
In a resolution on connectivity with Asia, the EP said the EU should learn from Taiwan’s best practices in managing COVID-19, enhance people-to-people exchanges and explore a potential investment agreement with Taiwan.
In a similar vein, two resolutions on security and defense policies said Taiwan’s donation of more than seven million surgical masks during the pandemic underscores its solidarity with the EU, and called on member states to support Taiwan’s meaningful participation as an observer in the meetings, mechanisms and activities of the World Health Organization.
The EP also expressed grave concern over recent escalation of tensions in the Indo-Pacific, including China’s increasingly provocative military maneuvers aimed at Taiwan, adding that peaceful cross-strait development is of critical importance to the interests of the EU.
The EU and its member states are urged to revisit their engagement policies with Taiwan and work with global like-minded partners to protect Taiwan’s democracy from foreign threats, it added.
According to the MOFA, the resolutions come on the back of six similar ones passed by the EP last year and reflect the legislative body’s unwavering commitment to Taiwan.
As a key stakeholder in the Indo-Pacific, Taiwan will continue expanding cooperation with the EU and other like-minded partners to defend the shared values of freedom and democracy while promoting regional peace, stability and prosperity, the ministry added. (SFC-E)
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