President Tsai lauds Taiwan military, weather personnel for round-the-clock duty

President Tsai Ing-wen thanked members of Taiwan’s armed forces Jan. 25 for their nonstop dedication to safeguarding the country.
Tsai praised the soldiers’ excellent performance in monitoring encroachments into the country’s airspace and territorial waters, adding that nearly 2,000 Chinese fighter jets and more than 400 Chinese naval vessels have been detected since last year. Their efforts allowed for the rapid expulsion of such craft, she said.
As commander in chief, Tsai conveyed her deepest confidence in the military’s ability to ensure national security.
The president made the remarks during a visit to Songshan Radar Station on Yangming Mountain in northern Taiwan as part of well-wishing tour preceding the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday next month. Other stops on the itinerary included the nearby ROC (Taiwan) Army Special Forces Command for northern troops and Anbu Weather Station.
Tsai also took the opportunity to offer her gratitude to service personnel and their family members for their sacrifice in being apart from loved ones during one of the most important holidays of the year. (DL-E)

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