》Office Activities

DG Lin attended the gathering Feb. 21st in celebration of the 2021 Lunar New Year co-hosted by National Chengchi University Alumni Association of Melbourne, Melbourne Second & Primary School and Melbourne Ai-Yue Choir.

DG Fan attends the Lunar New Year Celebration dinner hosted by the Association Of Overseas Taiwan Alumni In Australia

DG Lin attended the 2021 Lunar New Year celebration event hosted by Chin Lien Chinese Association Feb. 12th

DG Lin attended the Lunar New Year celebration event hosted by The Teo Chew Chinese Association of Victoria Feb. 12th

Buddha’s Light International Association Sydney calls on DG Fiona Fan

Call for Entries for the 52nd World School Children’s Art Exhibition

Taiwan x France XR Day Talents Networking Program

2021 TAICCA Immersive Content Grant for International Joint-Ventures or Co-Productions

English Teaching Volunteer Service Program for Overseas Youth 2021

ATFA President Aven Lin and her team call on DG Fiona Fan

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