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Starting March 1, Taiwan to restore special conditions for non-R.O.C. nationals to enter Taiwan and protective measures for transit passengers to follow at Taoyuan International Airport

MOFA announces adjustments to regulations for foreign nationals entering Taiwan beginning March 1, 2021, in line with the continuation of CECC Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program

Temporary suspension on entry of foreign nationals from Malaysia, including transits through Brunei Darussalam via land and sea ports, is extended by fourteen (14) days, until 10th March 2021

Starting from March 1, Taiwan to again allow non-R.O.C. nationals to visit Taiwan for medical purposes under certain conditions to continue providing quality medical care services

Starting from March 1, Taiwan to allow short-term business travelers from list of low- and medium-risk countries who are eligible to enter the country to apply for shortened quarantine periods

CECC moves Cambodia to its list of medium-risk countries as cases in the country increase and adds Bhutan to the low-risk category as Bhutan has met the criteria for three weeks

In response to the continued severity of COVID-19 worldwide, Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program will continue to be implemented

In response to the continued severity of COVID-19 and the new coronavirus strain found in Brazil, travelers who have history of travel to Brazil in the past 14 days will be required to undergo quarantine at group quarantine facilities after arrival in Taiwan starting February 24

Public Holiday Notice

2021 Taiwan Scholarship open for application (Deadline: March 31, 2021)

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