Taiwan funds new school bus at Catholic school in AP

Chung-kwang Tien(right) & Father Tomichan Mattathiveliyil(left)

Amb. Chung-kwang Tien, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India, inaugurated a school bus at St. Vincent English Medium School, a Catholic education institute with a team under the Holy See’s jurisdiction, at Singannagudem, Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh, India on July 11, 2019.

The school bus was purchased at a cost of Rs.18 Lakh, out of which the Republic of China (Taiwan) Government donated about Rs.13.2 Lakh. The rest was sponsored by the Veterans Service Organization (VSO) based in Philadelphia, United States.

Father Tomichan Mattathiveliyil(center) & Chung-kwang Tien(right)

The bus, with more than 30 seats in capacity, is painted with big green letters of “Love From Taiwan” on its body.

“With a heart filled with gratitude, we acknowledge and appreciate the great kindness shown to the poor children of our area by the ROC (Taiwan),” a statement from the school said. “We also thank wholeheartedly the generous people of the ROC (Taiwan),” it added.

Government Officials

The inauguration ceremony was held by Father Tomichan Mattathiveliyil, Provincial Superior of Southern India, Congregation of the Mission from the Holy See, and witnessed by 450 students and 20 staff members at the school. The faculty expressed similar appreciation to the VSO Philadelphia for its generous contribution.

“The ROC (Taiwan) government has established diplomatic relationship with the Holy See since 1942. Over the years, the two countries have enjoyed a close partnership in religion, humanitarian work, cultural exchanges and people-to-people contacts, among others,” Amb. Tien said.

Group Photos

“Today, on behalf of the ROC (Taiwan) government, I am delighted to hand over the key of the bus to the School. I wish all the children at the St. Vincent Medium School continued prosperity and great success in the future,” Amb. Tien said.

The funds were initially transferred by the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy in the Vatican City to the Holy See early this year for the purpose of helping poor children. It was part of the ROC (Taiwan) government’s efforts to contribute to poverty alleviation as listed under the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.