》 Office Activities

Minister Jin-Ling Chen and Secretary Chi Lei attended the meeting of the Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam, Beining Branch on November 2, 2019

R.O.C. Veterans Association in Singapore Celebrates Veterans’ Day

DG Lin attended the event in observance of Veterans Day hosted by ROC Veterans Association in Melbourne Nov 3

DG Lin attended the 35th anniversary of Spingvale Chinese Ethnic School Nov 3

Representative Anne Hung attends 53th Mandarin Night dinner hosted by Taiwan Graduates Association of Perak on 1 November 2019

Taipei Investors` Association in Malaysia and Taipei Investors’Association in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Standing Committee pay a courtesy call on Representative Anne Hung on 1 November 2019

Amb. Tien invited to 3rd Guwahati Int’l Film Festival

Director of Commercial Division Mr. Simon Gong attended the “Great Progress Forward to Vietnam”-Knitting and Dyeing Solution Technology Conference on the 30th Oct. 2019.

Miss Pavithra Kumar, the participant of the Taiwan Study Program for Future Leaders from Indo-Pacific Region 2019 hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), called upon Director-General Charles Li of TECC in Chennai and shared her wonderful experiences and thoughts during the Program in Taiwan.

Director-General Constance Wang attends the seminar discussing the effects of Taiwan-Australia CRS agreement

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